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Saturday, August 4. 2012

Cleanburn Sonderskoven Traditional

Cleanburn Sonderskoven European

Cleanburn Sonderskoven Pedestal

Cleanburn Norreskoven Mk2 Traditional

Cleanburn Norreskoven Mk2 European

Cleanburn Norreskoven Pedestal

Cleanburn Lovenholm Traditional

Cleanburn Lovenholm European

Dunsley Highlander 3

Dunsley Highlander 10

Dunsley Highlander 7 Enviroburn

Dunsley Highlander 8 Solo

Dunsley Highlander 8 Boiler Model

Dunsley Highlander 10 Boiler Model

Dunsley Highlander 16 Boiler Model

Dunsley Highlander 8 Double Fronted

Dunsley Highlander Log Store

Dunsley Yorkshire

Eco-Ideal Eco 1

Eco-Ideal Eco 2

Eco-Ideal Eco 4

Eco-Ideal Eco 6

Saturday, July 21. 2012

Yeoman CL7NHB

Yeoman CL8HB

Yeoman County 60HB

Yeoman County 80HB

Yeoman Devon 50HB

Yeoman County

Yeoman Devon

Yeoman Exe

Yeoman Exmoor

Yeoman County Double Sided

Yeoman Exe Double Sided

Yeoman Devon Double Sided

Wednesday, July 11. 2012

Parkray Consort 4

Parkray Consort 5 Inset

Parkray Consort 5 Slimline

Parkray Compact 5

Parkray Consort 7

Parkray Consort 9

Yeoman CL3

Villager Elite Twin

Villager Bayswater

Villager Esprit 5

Villager Esprit 7

Villager Esprit 8

Villager Esprit 10

Morso Ø4

Morso Ø6

Morso Ø8

Morso S11-40

Morso S11-42

Morso S11-43

Morso S50-40

Morso S80-90

Morso 1410 Squirrel

Morso 1412

Morso 1416

Morso 1418

Morso 1430

Morso 1442

Morso 1446

Morso 1448

Morso 1630

Morso 2110

Morso 3112

Morso 3142

Morso 3410

Morso 3440

Yeoman CL5

Yeoman CL7 Inset

Yeoman CL8

Yeoman CL Milner

Saturday, July 7. 2012

Parkray Consort 9 Slimline

Parkray Consort 15

Parkray Consort 4 Double Sided

Parkray Consort 7 Double Sided

Stovax Brunel 1A

Stovax Brunel 2CB

Stovax Brunel 3CB

Stovax Huntingdon 25

Stovax Huntingdon 28

Stovax Huntingdon 30

Stovax Huntingdon 35

Stovax Huntingdon 40

Parkray Consort 9 Double Sided

Stovax Stockton 3

Stovax Stockton 4

Stovax Stockton 5

Stovax Stockton 5 Midline

Stovax Stockton 6

Stovax Stockton 6 Highline

Stovax Stockton 7

Stovax Stockton 8

Stovax Stockton 8 Slimline

Stovax Stockton 11

Stovax Stockton Milner Inset

Stovax Stockton 8 Double Sided

Premier Logs briquettes

At only £3.50 per pack plus 10% off for bulk buy, Premier Briquettes offer cheap, easy, convenient combustion and are ideal for burning in multi-fuel stoves, log burners and open fireplaces. Verdo Briquettes
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