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Dunsley Highlander 5 Slimline Pedistal

Wednesday, April 30. 2014

Dunsley Highlander 5 Slimline

Saturday, August 4. 2012

Dunsley Highlander 5

Dunsley Highlander 7

Dunsley Highlander 8

Dunsley Yorkshire

Wednesday, July 25. 2012

Jetmaster 18f

Jetmaster 18i

Jetmaster 60i

Jetmaster 70i

Wednesday, July 11. 2012

Villager A

Villager Kitchener

Villager C Duo

Villager C Solo

Morso S10-40

Morso S10-70

Morso 2140

Morso 3610

Morso 5060

Morso 5448

Morso 5660

Morso 6140

Morso 6148 Pedestal

Morso 7110

Morso 7648

Morso 8140

Morso 8188

Thursday, July 5. 2012

Franco Belge Monte Carlo

Franco Belge Ardennes 11

Franco Belge Ardennes 15

Saturday, June 30. 2012

Dovre 2900 Fireplace

Dovre 2700 Fireplace

Dovre 2400CB Fireplace

Dovre 2300CB Fireplace

Dovre 2520 Cassette

Dovre 350CB

Dovre Astroline 1CB

Dovre Astroline 2CB

Dovre Astroline 3CB

Dovre Astroline 4CB

Dovre 700

Dovre 760CB

Dovre 640CB

Dovre 250

Aarrow Ecoburn 5

Aarrow Ecoburn 7

Aarrow Ecoburn 9

Aarrow Ecoburn 11

Wednesday, June 27. 2012

Charnwood C four

Charnwood Island III Boiler

Friday, April 13. 2012

Charnwood Cove 1

Charnwood Cove 2

Charnwood Cove 3

Sunday, March 25. 2012

Jotul F250

Villager Flatmate

Saturday, March 10. 2012

Aga Ludlow SE

Aga Stretton SE

Friday, March 9. 2012

Dovre Astroline 360

Tuesday, March 6. 2012

Charnwood Country 4

Charnwood Country 6

Charnwood Country 8

Charnwood Country 12

Charnwood Country 16B

Wood Burning Stoves from Roberts Heating

Stoves from Roberts Heating

Premier Logs briquettes

At only £3.50 per pack plus 10% off for bulk buy, Premier Briquettes offer cheap, easy, convenient combustion and are ideal for burning in multi-fuel stoves, log burners and open fireplaces. Verdo Briquettes
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for more info or to order.

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