We believe that British made goes deeper than a badge.

Under the Villager brand, we’ve been proudly producing wood and multi fuel stoves for over 30 years with the roots of Arada being over 50 years old.


The individual brands of Aarrow, Stratford and Villager are combined under the Contemporary Living, Timeless Classics and Hardworking Heating collections within the Arada brand.


All Arada stoves are designed, built and tested in the UK to ensure full compliance with CE certification and UK building regulations.


Flexi fuel System
What makes our innovation so different?

The Flexi grate’s unique crucible shape helps to build a natural layer of ash. This builds a better base for the fire to burn on and optimises combustion efficiency. The crucible shape of the Flexi grate ensures that un-burnt fuel is constantly fed towards the centre of the fire therefore there is no un-burnt fuel.


The Flexi grate’s unique dimpled and grooved finish on the grate bars fill with a layer of ash, thus protecting them from hot embers and extending their life. Flexi grate bars are specially designed so that they can be replaced individually if damaged, rather than having to replace the whole grate.


Effective Airwash

Our renowned innovation, the airwash system, directs a stream of hot air evenly across your stoves window. This creates a shield between the fire and the ceramic glass and prevents tar and other deposits from settling and ensures you always have an incredible view of the flames.


More heat through clever design

Our heat convection system – featured in our i Series range – provides additional heat for your home.

This draws in colder air through the base of the stove which warms as it travels around the back of the stove, this heated air returns to the room through the top outlet.

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