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Morso Outdoor Living Collection

Since the early years, innovation has been a key driver to everyone at the Morsø Foundry. In turn, several ground breaking products and building principles has seen the light of day on the beautiful Danish island of Mors.

In common with other iron foundries Morsø created the principle of convection, that on the brink of the 1900’s set an all new standard for the effectiveness of heating your house using a wood burning stove. Years later, during the 1950’s, when central heating pawed it’s way into most homes, Morsø launched the open fireplace as another new way of bringing warmth and cosy comfort to the Danes.


With the launch of the first cast iron BBQ in Denmark, we were aiming to let the Danes enjoy their long summer nights in the garden, with great food and warmth. Today, as well as back then, summer nights could be any-thing from endless, calm and warm, to the ones when time or circumstance is not suited for the big setup, even if the desire for cooking great food outdoors is still there.


For that particular reason, the we present the new Morsø Forno Multi, which is the only product on the market that can be fired with either gas or firewood. This along with being a fantastic pizza oven, BBQ and outdoor stove, will open up a world of possibilities to turn even more summer nights into something very special.

Morso Outdoor Living Collection​

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